Me and you to dating toronto

Like finding out about your date’s life-sized stuffed bear fetish. The city’s cliques are limited to "East" and "West," but somehow every single person who lives here has a connection to the person you most recently texted a winky smiley face to. Most bartenders, designers, and starving artists are nocturnal at heart and while they’ll usually roll out of bed at 3pm, our hormones usually don’t kick in until last call.

It’s a Toronto is packed with eclectic eats and some city dwellers would rather perform seppuku with Korean chopsticks than be seen inside of anything less than the city's best restaurants. In other words, you might want to stock up on Red Bull or befriend a classy late-night breakfast spot.

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-- sex isn’t a big deal, love triangles happen, and Jimmy Brooks is everyone’s personal hero.

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What connects the idea of finding love in person or via online mediums is that we all just want to be with somebody and be match with someone who'll fulfill our desire to love and be loved.Society is telling you to enjoy your 20's, but frowns upon you when you're alone. Toronto is known for being one of the best places for young adults to live and enjoy a hype nightlife, and it's true! I'm a huge advocate for independence and don't believe you should depend on other people to have fun, but the idea of going out to a bar or club alone isn't appealing.BUT if you're just talking to me because you're a club promoter or gym buff, please. Even if you do make it out alone, you soon realize that you probably should have stayed back at your apartment, snuggled in bed watching Netflix.Or just any group photo at any mainstream Toronto landmark. 99% of the time the cute guy in the group pic you hope is the owner to this profile isn't and then disappointment hits you like a wrecking ball.For some reason, admitting that your relationship started off on a dating app like Tinder seems to come off as desperate and second rate.Torontonians aren’t shallow or tough to crack; we’re just way more interested in the idea of being committed to a slice of pizza than an actual person because, let's be real, no one breaks up with pizza. We eat, sleep, and breathe all-things Jays, Leafs, and Raptors.


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