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MF: There is very little gender diversity in Parliament, let alone South Asians.

I now sit in the Upper House of NSW Parliament which has the least percentage of women of any house in Australia. It is probably unfair to criticize South Asians for that because it is a place that is dominated by middle-aged white men.

I can definitely recommend to find like-minded people so you can bounce off ideas. Even though we are miles apart (I’m in Budapest, he is in Bangkok) we still bounce off ideas on calls and text messages, including with our friends.

Try to see if you can setup your mastermind group and get together once a while – this will really help.

’s Tris fighting for her freedom and Thomas trying to figure out why he has to run through a goddamn maze.

Stories about young people negotiating dangerous conflicts while churning through regular adolescent drama, is the lifeblood of young adult fiction (plus it makes potentially boring scenarios much more interesting — you think Bella would have been into Edward if he wasn’t a murderous vampire? Perhaps this is the reason why this book, depicting an imagined invasion of Australia in which a group of teens become a motley crew of vigilantes, has stuck around for so long.

Adam Tomison Director Child trafficking represents 'a failure to protect the rights of the most vulnerable children' (UNICEF 2008: 3).

” I think one of the wonderful things about this series is that they’ve made it appeal to other age groups, so hopefully it’ll be able to cement itself in the new wave of Australian television. Just before the film version came out, there was a bit of uneasiness about what nationality the invaders of Australia would be depicted as. I think because we don’t attach one single nationality to it…

Foreword | Children are vulnerable to many forms of abuse and exploitation and have long been victims of trafficking for the purpose of both sexual and labour exploitation.

There has been some analysis of trafficking of children in Asia, where trafficking persists despite significant prevention efforts, however, comparatively little is known about trafficking in the Pacific.

While i Message requires you to have each others’ Apple IDs (an email address), Whatsapp works straight away as long as you have someone’s phone number in your existing address book.

This is HUGE, and probably a large contributing factor to Whatsapp’s success/dominance as the main phone-based instant messaging platform.


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