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He will interact with with congregational members as often as reasonably possible.

He will provide pastoral ministry in gentle yet firm manner, and will train and equip the body for ministry in the community and workplace. Our vision: To be a Christ like body of believers reaching to to each other, to the community, and to the world.

God wants to help you deal with the stressful situations that you face. We aren’t built to do things on our own and in our own strength. We need to trust that God has our back in every situation and circumstance that we face. You can’t realistically do soccer, volleyball, cheer, choir, band, yearbook and lead youth group Bible study.

When we get stressed out, we should go to God and ask for his help. If you’re stressed out because you’ve overcommitted, then look for ways to get out of an activity or two.

You might be stressed out because of something going on at school or home. ...empower churches to connect with their local schools!Youth Alive® simply believes that every student and every school matters! Are you relying on Jesus to meet your needs, or do you seek to meet them in other ways? (Especially remember what kind of bread you choose! Have you ever been really hungry, and then received something to eat? The Israelites had just escaped from slavery and suffering in Egypt. Do you believe Jesus can provide you with what you need?Check out the related pages for more information on how we accomplish this mission.


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