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The marketing of a currently unique two-headed 2000-P Jefferson 5-cent coin struck with two obverse dies is generating a buzz in numismatic circles. Mike Byers from Mike Byers Inc., in Las Vegas, Nev., currently owns the coin and is offering it with a price tag of 0,000.

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SS Central America reveals thousands of new findings, celebrating the ‘house organ’: Another column in the June 19 Coin World details what a ‘house organ’ is, and expounds on some intriguing half dollar varieties.

5, 2017, associated with the Florida United Numismatists Convention sale in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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All accommodations provide desks and phones; free local calls are offered (restrictions may apply). Hobby (HOU), has been serving the Houston community for more than 80 years and will become an international airport by 2016.

Attractions : Regardless of what your interests are, Houston has attractions just right for you.


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