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Throughout the centuries, others have followed in the heroic outlaw’s footsteps, including modern literature, TV, and feature film characters.In the popular TNT series Leverage, former insurance fraud investigator Nathan “Nate” Ford (Timothy Hutton) and his team are in the business of staging elaborate cons on behalf of clients who are victimized by individuals or big businesses whose wealth and influence provide them immunity from the typical avenues of justice.Popular for playing Parker in the noted television series ‘Leverage’, Riesgraf’s interest in acting has been a rooted one.Since she was little, she had a fancy for performing arts.Nate’s associates include Parker (Beth Riesgraf), an expert thief, cat burglar, pickpocket, and safe-cracker.Trained at a young age by expert thief Archie Leach, her thieving skills combined with physical prowess, strength and concentration make her a tremendous asset to the team.Though photography was her primary interest, no sooner the love for being in front of camera preceded her interest for being behind it.

Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor — back in Medieval England that was the battle cry of the legendary Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men.It is always a “shell game” and our heroes are the best of the best in creating an illusion to deceive the wicked criminals they intend to fleece.It is a modern-tale of “Robin Hood,” and in a recent press conference call Timothy Hutton and Beth Riesgraf (who play Nate Ford and Parker on the show) took a few moments to about their mischievous characters and what’s next in the upcoming episodes of LEVERAGE.Though acting still remains her passion, she wants to explore her creativity as a writer and director as well.In the grifter-infused world of LEVERAGE, short-cons, long-cons, and con artists of all shapes and sizes are the norm.Sort of pushed some of those buttons — and because they are not like normal people the way they react to them are sort of different in different ways than maybe your average college kid would or whatever.


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