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Greater- and Lesser Spotted Eagles are similar in appearance.

As a rule the Greater Spotted Eagle is darker, larger, and more stocky. The fact that the two species are able to mate with one another and produce hybrids which may also mate with one another, makes it even more difficult to tell them apart.

The Nest Box was created especially for the Xperibird project, fitted out with our specialist tech, including; a Raspberry Pi computer, night-vision camera and user control interface; creating a live video stream direct from the Nest Box to the classroom.

Students have closely followed the lives of their bird family as they grow from eggs, to hatchlings, to flying the nest.

Broadcast on The first cultural figure to take to the chair in SHOWstudio's live interview series In Camera, the celebrated photographer David Bailey answered questions from members of the fashion industry, his circle of friends and of course the public, discussing his life and work in a revealing live broadcast.

This interview was showcased online with a series of live stills updated throughout the course of the interview, and a real-time transcript typed and edited live.

Of all our eagles, the Lesser Spotted Eagle is the only one who has adjusted to the human cultural environment, but he still requires uncut forests for nesting and mowed meadows for food.

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