Evangeline lilly dating ad

Here’s something we bet Evangeline Lilly wishes remained permanently lost.The advert for Live Links was on air until late 2003 in America, just a year before Lost began broadcasting on ABC.Lilly is about to join the wholesome Marvel Universe with a starring role in their next feature film.

“We’ve got lumberjacks and flannel shirts and pine trees and snow,” Lilly says of her hometown.

If it wasn’t for them pulling me out of bed and saying you are coming and working with us, I might have retired at that point, I may have never done a film again.” She’s largely kept to her word.

2015 saw her portray Hope van Dyne in the Marvel film Ant-Man, a role she will reprise (this time under the superheroine name The Wasp) in its 2018 sequel, and she has the Netflix horror comedy Little Evil coming up this year.

Evangeline Lilly (Kate Austen) The Canadian actress dabbled in retirement following her run on Lost, claiming that she didn’t much enjoy the acting process while on the series. “The Hobbit was so positive,” Lilly told the Daily Record.

After giving birth to her first child (she has since had a second), she was even more eager to just live off her Lost royalties. “I had so much fun and all of my experiences surrounding it have been a really different experience for me than it was on Lost.


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