Updating sharepoint lists from ssis

NET author, consultant, and trainer, and a well-rounded overweight geek.He has a passion for Share Point, data access, and application architecture.That asset you plan on purchasing is a predictable known quantity - you know exactly what you are paying for, and in most cases, the asset comes with a warranty to protect you against defects.Yet if you are like me, you make such asset purchases carefully, after reading many reviews and doing lots of research.One question: how can I avoid unmapping drive before my code, that calls Drive Mapper class, finishes?I'm not very familiar with how they work [email protected] someone edited my post to wrap the code in a class with a dispose method "Class_Terminate" which unmaps the drive.

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Fear not—I'll guide you in building a data warehouse, while conveying some of the philosophical foundations of data warehousing.

The only way I've found to work with files on Share Point while having to server rights is to map the Web DAV folder to a drive letter. Add references to the following Active X libraries in VBA: Option Explicit Private o Mapped Drive As Scripting. File System Object Private o Network As New Wsh Network Private Sub Class_Terminate() Unmap Drive End Sub Public Function Map Drive(Network Path As String) As Scripting.

Folder Dim Drive Letter As String, i As Integer Unmap Drive For i = Asc("Z") To Asc("A") Step -1 Drive Letter = Chr(i) If Not o FSO. Map Network Drive Drive Letter & ":", Network Path Set o Mapped Drive = o FSO.

There are two ways that data warehouses often get built.

Occasionally, someone in the database trenches pitches the idea to the higher-ups, but more often someone at the top issues a directive to build one.


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